Sunday, 17 October 2010

Vendor Defender

Vendor Defender

Following the theme of great pop acts around Scotland comes a band i knew in name for a long time before bothering to listen to them as i had the pleasure of supporting them and their groove laden indie pop stayed in my head the next few days which lead to me going to the launch of their last single "Dreamphone". With their new single "Golden Shivers" just released this week it seemed the perfect time for an interview.

1. Who are Vendor Defender?

We are Zak Frazer and Suse three people who love to listen, make and play music together.

2. What are your preferred methods of defence?

Suse likes firewalls, Zak wears chain mail and Frazer uses numchucks

3. How did the band come together?

We met at uni in first year, half on the internet, half in real life in halls. Frazer and Zak were at a party, Zak and Suse were on thesubcity radio forums...

4. Tell me a bit about the single?

Golden shivers is our take on dubstep but done with a band. We came upwith it one miserable day last year in our old grotty rehearsal roomsin Dalmarnock, perhaps the song reflects that it's quite dark. It'sbeen described as 'gothic'...?? It's not gothic...

5. What are golden shivers? and are they often followed by silver shakes?

Usually yes, if you've had enough to drink.

6. What process do you go through to writing your songs?

Normally one of us has an idea and we all work on it together and develop it in a full song.

7. Any plans for an album? Whats in the pipeline?

Not yet. Writing recording playing is our main priority just now. Whenthe time is right, it will be done.

8. What would be better a gig on a boat or gig in a castle?

A castle definitely, Suse is scared of water and everyone would be seasick.

 9. Who would be your dream support slot?

We like playing with our mates' bands, but we've love to support Yeasayer, Rilo Kiley, The Strokes, Battles though.

10. Parting thoughts?

Good-day and thank you. Go buy our single on CD at our bigcartel, now. It's also out on iTunes and other good internet-music-outlets.

Thanks alot to the band for answering the questions, their single "Golden Shivers" is out now so why not give it a listen at their Myspace. You can catch them in glasgow on the 26th of November supporting the awesome We Have Band at the Captains Rest in Glasgow.

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