Monday, 25 October 2010

Loch Awe

 Loch Awe

 Edinburgh right now has a thriving nu folk scene with new great bands popping up all the time. Loch Awe are on of the bands that came out of nowhere to release a well recieved free album. They are one of my new bands to watch for the year a head and they were nice enough to answer a few questions.

 1. Who are Loch Awe?

We are Matthew, Jack, Joy and Oliver.
Although you're only speaking to Matthew and Jack.

2. How did you get together?

We all met at Edinburgh uni. Jack lived above me in student accommodation, Oliver drummed in a friend's band (so we sort of stole him, I guess) and Joy used to have dreadlocks. We thought that was the best thing about her, until we heard her voice. But even without the voice, the dreadlocks would have been enough to get her in the band.

3. If you travel to England do you become lake awe?

Yes, I suppose we would have to. I've already experienced problems trying to tell Scottish people what we're called. It's getting to the stage where I'm considering having business cards printed up. So if we ever make it down south, we'll be doing everything we can to be as understandable as possible.

4. You've just had your first few shows how did they go?

They were great fun! We're still not as tight as we could be, but we know that will come with practice. We actually had our second gig last night. It was an acoustic show at a friend's birthday party, and was dead intimate. We'd love to do a couple more like that. We'll also do christenings, funerals, weddings and political party conferences.
(Also, on that note we should thank you for organising our first gig, shouldn't we? Thanks!)
(pleasure was all mine-SS)

5.You recently released an EP how has it been recieved?

Very well, it would seem. It was written and recorded in my living room, on my laptop with some equipment of rather questionable quality in just two weeks, so all things considered the reception has been overwhelming. Certainly I haven't yet seen anything telling us we should quit music, burn our instruments and chemically castrate ourselves, which is a good sign.

6. What are your plans for the near future?

Naturally we're looking to play as many gigs as we can in and around Scotland (and, indeed, England - keep your eyes peeled for Lake Awe's debut!) We started recording demos for our next release today, actually! It's sounding pretty different. Pretty bluesy, which I'm surprised about. Hopefully we'll be recording this one in a proper studio, too (or somewhere that isn't my living room...) so that should be cool.

7. Which bands do you look up to in the scene right now?

In the Edinburgh scene, we're big fans of Withered Hand, Inspector Tapehead, FOUND, Meursault and many others we've forgotten to name. Glasgow-wise, we like Three Blind Wolves, Y'All Is Fantasy Island, Second Hand Marching Band, So Many Animal Calls, Reverie and Andrew Lindsay & The Coathooks (although I play guitar with him, I don't write any of the songs, so have no problem saying he's excellent).

8. What are your favourite water based activities?

Nude kayaking has always been a favourite. Our first team-building weekend included a challenge where we had to build our own kayak, and we made ours by removing our clothing, tying the sleeves together, inflating them and then sealing them up. It sank like a stone, but we were still pretty proud of our effort.

9. Who would you really like to support?

Jack would like us to support James Brown. I don't think he knows that he's dead, and I don't plan upon telling him. In all seriousness, any of the bands we mentioned in the 'local scene' question would be pretty ace.

10. Parting thoughts?

Well if people don't have it already, our debut album/EP thingy is still available, completely free, from BandcampThat aside, look out for us rocking a Bar Mitzvah near you in the coming months. And if you'd like to know exactly what we're doing and when, you can stalk us on Facebook and Twitter.

So far all those fans of nude kayaking, James Brown, Bar Mitzvahs and damn fine lofi folk i highly suggest you check them out at any of the links above. Go and download their free album, you wont regret it.

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