Saturday, 16 October 2010

Miniature Dinosaurs

Miniature Dinosaurs

Some people see pop as a bad word, I for one am not one of those people and when i think of great new Scottish pop acts Miniature Dinasaurs are never far from my mind. Their EP Chatterbox was on repeat on my CD player for some time after getting a copy and new single "Cold Shoulder" has all the great pop hooks of that release and gets me excited to hear more from them, so I invited Barry Dinosaur to answer some questions...

How did Miniature Dinosaurs come about then?

It was a Tuesday night at a Stirling Albion match, on a cold winter's terracing in Arbroath.  I met Alban at half time, we discussed our love for Pulp and as soon as full time came about we went back to Stirling to jam away the defeat...

Did you always know how the band was going to sound?

Alban and I put a few songs together that we used to get started, and then when we met Sam at Stirling Uni and Craig at the Tolbooth the songs really came to life.

Whats been the highlights so far of being a Miniature Dinosaur?

Personally I enjoyed playing at Forthbank Stadium before Stirling Albion lifted the Championship Flag!  More recently, being part of Being Victor on MTV has also been exciting.

Do you fear bigger dinosaurs? like Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs for instance?

I embrace them!  Perhaps we should ask them to remix one of our tracks?  Dinosaur overload!

Would you prefer a huge gig where a few people liked you or a tiny gig where everyone liked you?

If you mean that only a few people in the room like us before we play then I'd take the huge gig.  We love nothing more than being presented with a room full of people to win over.  At our level that is what we really need, and this is why we love going to new places, and then coming back to build on it.

Tell me a bit about the single?

Well, not long after the afforementioned Arbroath game Alban and I decided to start playing a few open mic nights around Stirling.  Love them or hate them, we had so much fun.  One of the covers we mixed in with the originals was 'Toxic' by Britney Spears.  Some of the melodies that we wrote for our special little re-arrangement are what went on to become the basis for the Cold Shoulder tune.

Whats next for you guys? Anything people should know?

We're going to play a few more gigs in November to promote Cold Shoulder and then go into hibernation for winter.  Perhaps hibernation isn't the right word as those months are looking like being very busy for us off-stage.  We really want to get ourselves together for a big push next year, starting February.  Some of the things that have been talked about are very exciting..!

Ice Age or Jurassic Park?

I took a vote.  Two say Jurassic Park and two say Ice Age.  I'm not sure what to do now..?

Parting words?

If you get a chance to come and see us we'd love it if you came along.  Thanks for even reading about us!

You can buy their single here, you can listen to more songs online at their Myspace and dont forget you can catch them live in Glasgow in King Tuts on November 3rd supporting the awesome Mitchell Museum, just contact the band on myspace or even their Facebook.

Thanks alot to Barry for answering the questions and keep your eye on the blog for more interviews to follow.

Sound Surrounds, x.

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