Friday, 22 October 2010

Futuristic Retro Champions

Futuristic Retro Champions
Following on the recent pop theme of the blog i bring you one of my favourite pop bands in Scotland right now. This is a band that once you hear are hard to forget, when i got this interview back from Carla and got near the end i was more than a little sad, but i'll let her tell you.

1. Who are futuristic retro champions? 
Futuristic Retro Champions are four friends Sita, Carla, Ceal and Harry.

2. How did the band come together? 
We started in 2006 as an art school project to soundtrack a film. Then we just kept going from there!

3. You seem to be a band who are proud to be pop, who are your influences? 
It varies greatly for all of us. I can say that mine are The Vaselines, George Harrison, Secession, Kylie Minogue, Jackie DeShannon, Phil Spector and Evan Dando.

4. You recently released a double a side, tell me a bit about it? 
May The Forth/ Settle Down was a very different direction for us in terms of sound. We were keen to put out something that we could all be proud of and felt it was the right choice musically and lyrically. We were lucky to get Martin Creed to do the artwork for it which made it that bit more special for us.

5. Which bands are you into right now on a locally? 
Ace City Racers, The Machine Room, Miaoux Miaoux and Hidden Masters.

6. Would you rather play a gig for the queen or the remaining members of Queen? 
For the queen.

7. Whats been the highlight of being a retro champ? 
There has been many but I'll always remember dueting with Eugene Kelly for the memorial gig held for our late tutor Paul Carter at the Wee Red Bar at Edinburgh College of Art. Paul had been very important in the formation of our band. It was an equally sad but happy night.

8. What can we expect from you in the near future? 
Bit of an exclusive for you. In December we will be releasing a Retrospective featuring all songs recorded to date. We will be doing a show in Glasgow and Edinburgh to launch this and also to say farewell! FRC will not be continuing into 2011 and so we hope everyone can come along and party and dance with us for one last time. Myself, Sita and Ceal will be continuing on under a new name with a new sound and Harry has gone on to focus on producing.

9. If the band could collabarate with any other artist who would it be? 
Tough one. For me - Phil Spector, Candi Staton, Billy Idol or Danny Kaye.

10. Parting thoughts? 
Just to say a big thank you to everyone who has supported us through out the years. We really couldn't have done it without everyone. A big special thank you to Eugene Kelly, Manda Rin, Martin Creed, yourself, Murray our manager, Paul Carter, Jenna Anderson, Hannah Danson, Fraser Bone, Colvin Cruikshank, Graham Dey, Ace City Racers, and anyone I have forgotten to mention. We hope that everyone keeps tuned for our new launch and sound in the new year. Lots of love and lemonade to all. It's been a rollercoaster of a ride. 
Futuristic Retro Champions will always be on my player when i need a good pick me up and i'll hopefully get to catch them atleast a few times before they lock theirselves away and come back as something new. For now though don't forget to listen to them on their Myspace and catch them at King Tuts on October 28th and playing one of the final slots at this years Define Pop Festival. Everyone had better pick up their Retrospective in December, i know i will be.

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