Sunday, 7 November 2010

Aspen Tide

Aspen Tide

Glasgow is becoming known for a haven of post hardcore-emo-punk-pop whatever bands, theres some bands who do it well, and some bands that do it not so well, Aspen Tide are one of the bands who i think do it well. Lets see what their singer Robi has to say...

1. Who are you?

I'm Robi Lambie and I play guitar and sing for Aspen Tide.

2. When did it all come together?

It's a very recent venture. We were all studying music at University when we met a few years ago but we didn't start playing together as a four piece until the summer of this year.

3. What is an aspen tide? Is it an effect of global warming?

I guess that Aspen Tide could be described as an effect of global warming. I often come up with these odd phrases and it takes me a while to piece together what they actually mean. I've got an odd subconscious! At the moment I think it is a reference to avalanches in the skiing town of Aspen but to be honest it just sounds like a cool name!

4. Dream support slot?

I've unfortunately had to come to terms with the fact that my dream support slot will never happen. It would have been Nirvana as I think even just to see them play live would have been incredible. I'll settle for Biffy Clyro or Idlewild.

5. You released your EP recently, howd that go?

It went really well. The EP was just a bunch of tracks that we had recorded ourselves at the formation of the band and gave an insight to what was coming for Aspen Tide. We wanted something tangible to give to folk at gigs and it really was a huge DIY effort with the mixing, mastering, artwork and production of packaging all being done by the band themselves. We've since moved on however and enlisted others for help with the production of our debut single!

6. Who would win in a fight between you and trapped in kansas?

That's a tough question. Hopefully we'll never know the answer to that question but if I was to defend our corner Garry is a brutal Karate master, competing in British competitions and I won a trophy at school for Judo! I reckon if the TIK boys can punch as well as they can play though we might be in trouble!

7. Favourite local bands?

It's an amazing tribute to the scene that most of my favorite bands are local! These include: Trapped In Kansas, The Darien Venture, Make Sparks, Sucioperro, There Will Be Fireworks, Farewell Singapore, NoExitWound, MakethisRelate, .scores, Tempercalm and The Winter Tradition amongst others!

8. Whats next for you?

We are currently finalizing plans for our debut single release which will either be out towards the end of this year or the start of next year. In addition we will have a special free Christmas track out soon! We are currently still in the studio already demoing new tracks for next year and have plenty more shows lined up before we take a break for festivities!

9. Whats your dirty pleasure to play on a jukebox?

I've always wanted to be asked this question cause I have an abundance of dirty pleasures!
Maria - Blondie
Angels - Robbie Williams
Lifted - Lighthouse Family
Lucky - Britney Spears
Kiss From A Rose - Seal
Equador - Sash!
Maneater - Nelly Furtado

10. Parting thoughts?

Why is milk white? 
(Its caused by a protein called Casien)
If you want to listen to the band why not head down to their Aspen Tide or their Facebook or you can catch them at Define Pop Festival on November 13th where ou can get tickets from them or Tickets Scotland

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