Friday, 5 November 2010

I Build Collapsible Mountains

I Build Collapsible Mountains

There has been a lot of hype about this young man former Gothenberg Adress front man Luke Joyce's new project. His album "A Month Of Lost Memories has been warmely welcomed into the hearts and mp3 players of the Scottish music scene, lets see what he has to say for himself then?

1.Who are you?

Cold and hungry.

2. How do you go about building collapsible mountains?

You start at the top and work your way down then stop just before you reach the village.

3. When did you start working alone?

I have always written music alone, its just the way i work. Even in my previous band i wrote the music and then brought it to the band. So the big change here is the performing on my own. I kinda like it.

4. You recently released an album through that sexy Peenko records, tell us about it?

Its a collection of very roughly recorded songs. Rough, but to the height of my abilities. Lloyd Peenko heard something in the songs that made him want to get them out to as many people as possible so he offered to help me put them out as a release. We ended up with an 8 track ltd cd and a 15 track album download. The cd sold out in less than 2 weeks, which was a nice bonus.

5. Did you always know how you wanted the record to sound?

I knew i wanted it to be completely different to what i had done before. This meant stripping things write back, and letting the lyrics take the lead. I wasent too fussed about how expertly they were recorded, so i just set about doing it myself in my boxroom. Now i think that raw sound is part of the main appeal.

6. Who else do you like in the "scene" right now?

I like Penguins Kill Polar Bears, Admiral Fallow, Hey Marseilles, Verse Metrics. Their my most recent likings.

7. Star Trek or Star Wars?

Starwars. If my dad was obsessed with Startrek then who knows what i would be called...

8. What have you got coming up?

Well, this week i have two shows - Thursday im doing the Elba Sessions fnal show of the year at the liquid ship...(this post was a bit late)..., and then friday im playing the final ever AVP show at the classic grand. Then im opening for your good self at the Admiral Bar on the 13th. And then after that its off up North to Thurso and Aberdeen with the Verse Metrics chaps on the 24th/25th Nov. There is also a new mini album ready to go so il be getting that all ready.

9. Favourite non collapsable mountain?

Himalaya Tandoori Indian Restaurant, Edinburgh.

10. Parting thoughts?

I am now a little warmer and i just ate a double decker. Can someone give me a job please. Thankin' you ta'.
 Thanks alot to Luke for answering the questions you can catch him live at The Classic Grand tonight supporting The Seventeenth Century and Come On Gang! for the fabulous Ayetunes vs Peenko. And then at the Define Pop festival. You can listen to him at His own website and buy tickets for define pop festival here at Tickets Scotland

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